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Services we are providing

Installation & Commissioning Services

Exicom’s equipment and its related components is installed by trained technicians that are part of our network of licensed contractors. For all installations (mechanical, electrical, cables, batteries and all inter connections), our technicians apply industry best practices while also adhering to all applicable safety standards. Other benefits of using Exicom for I&C services is that it ensures optimized system configuration to ensure accuracy and error free operation. Exicom’s has service staff in every geography it operates to coordinate service efforts with partners, contractors, and customers.

Preventive Maintenance

Unplanned downtime of a power system can be minimized with well planned maintenance strategy. Under Preventive maintenance, we’ll also assess your systems to improve their performance and reliability. Negative site conditions which can impact performance of system will also be bought to customer’s notice so they can be solved before they hurt some part of telecom installation. Lastly, in case of certain agreements, Exicom will also maintain critical spares at close locations to ensure fast response in case of system or its component failure.


Exicom provides free of cost training to your field staff so they are aware about all of Exicom’s Power System functions and can do / change configuration on site as per changing requirements.

Site Auditing and Optimization

Exicom also provides telecom installation’s audit services where trained personnel will visit and do detailed survey of the site and suggest improvement points, new equipment’s and measures for operations to be taken to achieve maximum energy savings and maximum uptime in a way which is both CapEx and Opex friendly.

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