Next Generation Li-ion batteries
for automotive

Robust Automotive Batteries Designed by
experts/ Made in India

Our Standard Module

Exicom offers standard battery module compliant to DIN 9152/ CATARC, ISO-16750, UN 38.3, CISPR25 which can be readily integrated in a typical 4W/ bus/ truck. Designed to operate in BEV applications, this module supports efficient liquid cooling. Our standard modules are designed to deliver segment leading cell to module specific energy conversion ratio and at the same time comply to highest safety standards (feasible for ASIL D system). The modularized design ensures easy maintenance, with consistency for mass production.

Flexible Options

The standard battery module is designed to be highly flexible to meet different needs in terms of voltage and capacity. As the form factor remains the same, this flexibility allows to scale up the system easily. This coupled with the precision and performance of our Cell Supervision Module, makes it possible to use the battery module for both LV and HV applications.

Design & Production standards

To fulfill automotive standard requirements, our battery modules and systems are developed and produced in an automotive IATF 16949 compliant enviornment. And where necessary, we fulfill additional, project-specific requirements.

  • Robust
  • Scalable
  • Liquid Cool
  • Globally Compliant

Battery Systems Portfolio

No matter how far you will go
our relaible battery power will always support you

Our high performance power dense batteries with world class BMS platform (Mexx & LITE) give you advantage of range for daily city travel, as well as superior safety and relaibility.

Capacity Chemistry Type Application Nominal Voltage Operating voltage Operating temperature Max continous charge Max continous discharge
115Ah NCA DIN Module (6S) Cars / Buses 21.8V 18V to 25V 0~50 degrees 0.5C 1C
57.6Ah NCA DIN Module (12S) Cars / Buses 43.6V 36V to 50V 0~50 degrees 0.5C 1C
43Ah NCA DIN Module (14S) Cars / Buses 51V 42V to 58V 0~50 degrees 0.5C 1C
20Ah NCM Pack 2W / Swapping 46.8 39V to 54V 0~55 degrees 0.5C 1C
28Ah NCM Pack 2W Fixed 50.4 42V to 58V 0~55 degrees 0.5C 0.5C
38Ah NCA Pack 2W / Swapping 50.4 42V to 58V 0~55 degrees 0.3C 1C
35Ah NCA Pack 2W / Swapping 57.6 48V to 66.5V 0~55 degrees 0.3C 1C
28Ah NCA Pack 2W / Swapping 72 60V to 83V 0~55 degrees 0.3C 1C
75Ah LFP Pack 3W Fixed 51.2 45V to 58.4V 0~55 degrees 0.5C 0.5C
105Ah LFP Pack 3W Fixed 51.2 45V to 58.4V 0~55 degrees 0.5C 1C
200Ah LFP Pack 3W Fixed / small car 51.2 45V to 58.4V 0~55 degrees 0.5C 1C

Solutions for all mobility application

Module for HV batteries

  • Long range flexible batteries
  • 2.5KWhr module
  • NMC/NCA 21700 cells
  • 190Whr/Kg
  • 1S to 20S configurable
  • Up to 1000V solution
  • 5kw peak power
  • UN38.3, ISO-16750, CISPR-25
  • DIN standard
  • 415(L) x 215(W) x 90(H) mm

Module for 3W/Small car

  • High life cycle modules for LEV​
  • 2.7KWhr module
  • LFP Prismatic
  • 140Whr/Kg
  • Up to 1000V
  • 5.5kw peak power
  • UN38.3, UL1642, IEC 62619:2017
  • 339(L) x 136(W) x 209(H) mm

Module for 2W batteries

  • High energy density modules for LEV
  • 1KWhr module x 2
  • NMC / NCA 18650/21700 cells
  • 200Whr/Kg
  • 7S to 20S configurable
  • For 48V, 60V and 72V batteries
  • 2kW continuous power
  • UN38.3, AIS-004-3, AIS-048
  • 415(L) x 215(W) x 90(H) mm

Battery Packs for all applications

  • High performance, efficient and scalable battery solutions
  • Cell chemistry agnostic; cell format agnostic
  • Modules are connection ready to adapt easily into pack
  • Development process complies with ISO/TS16949:2016
  • In house reliable BMS system tailored for your needs
  • Production in IATF 16949 complaint environment

From concept stage to mass production

Exicom's battery R&D is built for end to end design from concepts to vehicle simulation to cell chemical & electrical characterization to module design to CAE/CFD simulation to complete battery pack design and validation. Exicom product development process complies with ISO/TS16949:2016 (the automotive quality management system international standard). We take this prototype to bulk produced systems with highly automated assembly and test lines such that design integrity is maintained and overall customer satisfaction & quality is high.

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